FLEET Management Specialists

What is Fleet Management?

Fleet Management involves a series of diverse tasks for businesses who rely on transportation, aimed at controlling costs, productivity, efficiency and risks in vehicle acquisition, fuel management, compliance and more. It covers the scope of many industries from freight, to delivery, sales and service, oil & gas, and emergency services. In this post, we answer: “What is fleet management?” and look at how the role has evolved.

Any business that owns or leases vehicles is engaged in some form of fleet management to provide solutions for keeping operations running efficiently, remaining competitive in the marketplace and meeting their budget goals.

How much money can we save your business?

Our Fleet Management service manages the full running costs of your fleet, taking into account lease costs as well as ongoing maintenance, fuel, road tax and Co2 bandings.

Simply – we take time to understand your business.

Each client is allocated their own dedicated Account Manager who will assess your current fleet and devise a strategy to upgrade your vehicles whilst meeting your budgeting objectives as well as providing ongoing support for your fleet.

By establishing the most important requirements for your fleet, it allows us to understand how we can really add value to and compliment your business.

What are the benefits?

· Cost Reductions

· Access to the most competitive leasing/finance offers

· Dedicated account manager

· Reduced administration

· Breakdown of whole-of-life costings for each vehicle

· Vehicle service management

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